About Us (test)

At Eidzy, we are passionate and committed to help you make positive change in your lifestyle choices. Our goal is to prioritize the planet and our future in it when sourcing and selling products that are made with mindfulness of sustainability. Eidzy is a small drop in the ocean but together we are a giant ocean to protect our planet and people from catastrophic environmental consequences. With every sustainable and ethical product purchase at Eidzy you are contributing to reduce greenhouse gas emission, protect forests, oceans and land. We are committed to sourcing and selling products that are made with natural, organic and recycled material in a sustainable way. We are proud to promote ethical, handmade and social businesses.

Eidzy team works closely to make sure all our products and packaging is sustainable, health and earth friendly. We understand we can’t guarantee that all products are made 100% sustainable way as it is a very complicated system to follow but we do our best to do it right. We contribute 1% from every purchase to environmental and social causes as part of our ongoing support for better Earth. 

Beside our social and environmental contributions, eco-friendly packaging and sustainable office; our dedicated team researches ingredients and material used to manufacture products, that sustain and give back to earth. We research and interview our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure they support sustainable and ethical practice when making awesome and innovative products.